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The configuration of design and manufacture knowledge models from a heavyweight ontological foundation

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posted on 2012-12-21, 13:44 authored by Nitishal Chungoora, Robert I.M. Young
Problems related to knowledge sharing in design and manufacture, for supporting automated decision-making procedures, are associated with the inability to communicate the full meaning of concepts and their intent within and across system boundaries. To remedy these issues, it is important that the explicit structuring of semantics, i.e., meaning in computation form, is first performed and that these semantics become sharable across systems. This paper proposes an expressive (heavyweight) Common Logic-based ontological foundation as a basis for capturing the meaning of generic feature-oriented design and manufacture concepts. This ontological foundation serves as a semantic ground over which design and manufacture knowledge models can be configured in an integrity-driven way. The implications involved in the specification of the ontological foundation are discussed alongside the types of mechanisms that allow knowledge models to be configured. A test case scenario is then analysed in order to further support and verify the researched approach.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


CHUNGOORA, N. and YOUNG, R.I.M., 2011. The configuration of design and manufacture knowledge models from a heavyweight ontological foundation. International Journal of Production Research, 49 (15), pp. 4701 - 4725.


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