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The importance of vessel factors for stent deployment in diseased arteries

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posted on 2015-11-03, 16:28 authored by Alessandro Schiavone, Liguo Zhao
Finite element analyses have been carried out to investigate the effects of plaque thickness, plaque asymmetry and artery curvature on stent deployment in stenotic arteries. The Xience stent, one of the latest commercial metallic stents, was considered and its expansion was controlled by the inflation of a folded balloon. Results showed that it became a challenge to open arteries with thick plaque via stent expansion, as stresses and recoiling increased considerably with the increasing level of stenosis. Asymmetric plaque caused non-uniform stent expansion and uneven dogboning effect, with considerably high levels of vessel wall stresses developed in the regions covered by relatively thin layer of plaque. In a curved artery, a reduction in stent expansion was observed with the increase of artery curvature, accompanied by an elevation of stresses in the plaque and arterial layers. Consequently, particular care should be taken when implanting stents in diseased arteries with severe stenosis, unevenly distributed plaque layer and sharp curvature, as tissue damage might occur due to non-uniform expansion of the system.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

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Journal of Integrative Cardiology






107 - 114


SCHIAVONE, A. and ZHAO, L., 2015. The importance of vessel factors for stent deployment in diseased arteries. Journal of Integrative Cardiology, 1 (5), pp. 107 - 114


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