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The taste of tree?

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posted on 2012-11-07, 12:44 authored by Deborah Harty, Phil Sawdon
The taste of a tree; the connection of [the] senses, the transference of sensations to smell a colour or hear a drawing… Walking around a tree, observing the colour, texture and outline, sitting to draw, to document the actualities of the object … this presents no interest … Walking around [the tree] observing the colour, texture, outline, breathing, mind and body absorbing tree, drawing through sensation the memory of the encounter … that presents the interest. The exposition considers whether the senses are connected and transferable in memory sufficiently to draw the taste of tree through the association of recalled sensations. Adopting Merleau-Ponty’s (2004, p.61) suggestion in The World of Perception, that, ‘[…] every quality is related to qualities associated with other senses. Honey is sugary. Yet sugariness in the realm of taste […] constitutes the same sticky presence as honey in the realm of touch.” humhyphenhum seek to uncover whether it is possible to draw the taste of tree through the association of recalled sensations; are the senses sufficiently connected to be transferable?



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HARTY, D., SAWDON, P., 2012. The taste of tree? Journal for Artistic Research, 2, [accessed 07/11/2012].


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The authors of this paper are humhyphenhum ( aka Deborah Harty and Phil Sawdon. A video file associated with this paper is also available below.