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User reaction to car-share and lift-share within a transport 'marketplace'

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posted on 16.01.2009, 11:42 by Andrew MayAndrew May, Tracy RossTracy Ross, Gerard Segarra, Jean Grebert
User-centred design methods were used to understand the key motivators, potential constraints and design requirements associated with an innovative shared-vehicle scheme, offered as an integral component of a wider ‘transport marketplace’. A set of situated user trials were used to assess attitudinal and behavioural responses to a prototype service implemented in northern France. Potential motivators included the perceived benefits of reduced cost, environmental benefit, social contact and the provision of location-based information. The key barriers to adoption included: personal security during vehicle sharing, liability and flexibility in meeting individual transport needs. Contrary to initial indications by participants, ease of use was also a key acceptance criterion. The resulting design recommendations stress the need for maximising service flexibility, addressing perceived barriers and providing clarity regarding operational procedures and protocols.



  • Design


MAY, A. ... et al, 2008. User reaction to car-share and lift-share within a transport 'marketplace'. IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 2 (1), pp. 47-60


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