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Using Hadrian for eliciting virtual user feedback in 'Design For All'

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posted on 2006-06-09, 11:29 authored by Russell MarshallRussell Marshall, J. Mark Porter, Keith Case, Ruth Sims, Diane GyiDiane Gyi
‘Design for All’ is an approach to product, environment or service design that aims to maximise the usability of a particular design. However, a key concept of this approach is not to tailor designs to the user in a bespoke fashion, but rather to provide a single solution that accommodates the needs of all users including those who are older or disabled. In order to support the designer / design team in ‘Design for All’ a computer aided design and analysis tool has been developed. The tool, known as HADRIAN, has been developed to address two critical factors. The first factor is the provision of accurate and applicable data on the target users including a broad spectrum of size, shape, age and ability. The second factor is an efficient and effective means of utilising the data for ergonomics evaluations during the concept stages of design. HADRIAN’s database and task analysis tool work in combination with the existing human modelling system SAMMIE. The system as a whole allows assessment of a design against the population in the database providing a means to elicit some of the feedback that might be gained by real user trials at a stage in the design process when physical mock-ups and user group selection would be prohibitively time consuming and expensive.



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MARSHALL, R. ... et al, 2004. Using Hadrian for eliciting virtual user feedback in 'Design For All'. IMECHE Proceedings Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 218(B9), pp. 1203-1210


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