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What is a sustainable level of CO2 emissions from transport activity in the UK?

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posted on 2007-05-18, 13:17 authored by Miles R. Tight, Abigail Bristow, Alison Pridmore, Anthony D. May
The paper reports on the development of UK transport targets for CO2 emissions for 2050. Five key studies containing future carbon emissions scenarios for the UK were used to establish targets for overall reductions in emissions to achieve stabilisation at 550 ppm and 450 ppm of atmospheric CO2. Two approaches were used to consider the proportion of total emissions that would be attributable to transport in the future: 26% of total emissions as now and an increase to 41% of total emissions in line with forecasts. The overall targets and expected contributions from transport were used to derive target emissions for the transport sector to be achieved by 2050, which ranged from 8.2 MtC to 25.8 MtC. Even the weakest of these targets represents a considerable reduction from current emissions levels.



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TIGHT, M. ... et al, 2005. What is a sustainable level of CO2 emissions from transport activity in the UK in 2050? Transport Policy 12(3), pp. 235-244.


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