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Writing multi‐vocal intersectionality in times of crisis

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posted on 2020-11-16, 15:19 authored by Katja Einola, Anna Elkina, Grace Gao, Jennifer Hambleton, Anna‐Liisa Kaasila‐Pakanen, Emmanouela Mandalaki, Ling Eleanor Zhang, Alison Pullen
This article is a multi‐vocal account, a form of writing differently, which captures our changing lives and livelihoods under the present global health crisis. Through the process of writing, we create a safe space to understand how the COVID‐19 pandemic exposes our gendered, intersectional lives. Our writing gives voice to suppressed thoughts and embodied affects as they surface in relation to entrenched structural inequalities where we witness the marginalisation of intersectional difference, in our case women, the feminine, and race in academia and neoliberal society. By rendering visible the structural inequalities that have become amplified during the pandemic, and the ways in which these inequalities have affected our everyday lives, we are able to give witness to intersectional differences. Our multi‐vocal embodied text is offered as an emancipatory, affective mobilisation of our lives, encompassing feelings of grief, loss, fear, anger, frustration, and vulnerability. This collective piece of writing gives rise to solidarity in a crisis‐stricken world where we choose to live with hope.



  • Loughborough University London

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