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Yarn twist measurement using digital imaging

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posted on 2013-10-14, 13:53 authored by Yasar A. Ozkaya, Memis Acar, Michael Jackson
Digital image analysis techniques in the spatial and frequency domains for twist measurement of yarns are described. A spatial technique is developed to extract the twist angle through the analysis of the yarn core image. Then, a Fourier transformation technique is applied to yarn images to measure the orientation of the fibre on the yarn surface. Finally, a hybrid method that incorporates frequency domain filtering prior to spatial analysis is proposed. The trials show that spatial analysis is a fast method and can successfully predict the twist in the yarn. Fourier transformation technique is quite sensitive to the protruding fibres obstructing the yarn surface, which may result in measurements having high variations. For yarns having little amount of hairs protruding from the core, the results agreed reasonably well with actual twist levels. Frequency domain filtering in conjunction with the spatial analysis of the yarn surface is found to be superior in terms of accuracy. The twist values calculated using the more reliable diameter measurements with back-lit images together with twist angles from the front-lit images are found to be more accurate when compared with the actual values.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


OZKAYA, Y.A., ACAR, M. and JACKSON, M.R., 2010. Yarn twist measurement using digital imaging. Journal of the Textile Industry, 101 (2), pp. 91 - 100.


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