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Film Fragment 10 - Otome bunraku puppetry performances

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posted on 18.08.2020, 11:06 authored by Caroline Astell-Burt

The film is called Apple Dance and referred to as The Cronies and it was made by the author with the cast at a rehearsal. It is a recording of the first Otome bunraku puppetry performance made in Europe designed to follow the Japanese technique as closely as possible. It is an example of practice-based research conducted for the author's PhD which has the title: Otome bunraku and the materials of puppeteer presence.

The short films are designed to demonstrate the adapted technology of otome bunraku which the author made as part of the practice-based research. There are examples of performance demonstrating the technology. These performances also show the handling of props and the inanimate nature of the puppets, which all demonstrate the presence of the puppeteer manifested in the materials of the puppets, the performance environment and the corporeality of puppetry as a bodily discipline.



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