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Pensieri Preziosi II: Jewellery without boundaries [Images]

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posted on 26.02.2019, 10:01 by Roberta BernabeiRoberta Bernabei
Pensieri Preziosi II was the second in an ongoing series of exhibitions organised by the council of Padua, the Italian city home to `the School of Padua', instigated by Mario Pinton and subsequently developed by Francesco Pavan, Giampaolo Babetto, Giovanni Corvaja et al. This ongoing series of exhibitions focuses on the practice of female contemporary jewellers; its first manifestation explored the practices of established jewellers such as Johanna Dahm, Cathy Chotard, and Esther Brinkmann, whereas the second explored the practice of `mid career' female jewellers from Europe. Conceived as a mid-career review each jeweller was represented by twelve pieces, four of which were required to be early works and the remainder completed within the two year period prior to exhibition. My contribution (no 13 pieces of jewellery) included early works which documented the transition from the presentation of a precious object through a traditional setting to objets-trouvés including, stones, fossils and litter through to the total elimination of any object in the setting at all. The latter resulted in the encapsulation of a void and led to the eventual development of `memory spaces' which aimed to map the spaces surrounding the body and were the focus of the most recent works I submitted. The latter were primarily made from silicone and alginate, rendered wearable though silver settings. The exhibition was accompanied by a fully illustrated 119 page catalogue, with critical texts by Dorothy Hogg, Marisella Cisotto, and Ellen Maurer Zilioli. My work was analysed in a 1,000 word essay by Mirabella Cisotto and represented through 5 images. The exhibition received considerable press coverage in Italy, including local televisions La 8, Gaia Padovan, Televeneto Lara Tresoldi, 15.12.2005 and online reviews in & Findings(UK) March, no 35, pp 9-10, Susan Cross.



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BERNABEI, R., 2006. Pensieri Preziosi II [Images]. Presented at the Pensieri Preziosi II: Jewellery without boundaries. Padua, Oratorio San Rocco, December 17th 2005-February 28th 2006.


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These are images of a collection of 13 pieces of jewellery. Pieces selected for group exhibition Pensieri Preziosi II, Oratorio San Rocco, Padua (17.12.05-28.02.06), and Women in Jewellery at Collect, V & A (09.02.06-13.02.06). Media output: catalogue & CD.





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