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Performance Comparison of Finite-Volume and Spectral/hp Methods for LES of Representative Gas Turbine Combustor Aerodynamics

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posted on 21.06.2019, 12:30 by Vishal Saini, Gary PageGary Page
Animation from Vishal Saini's PhD project presented at Nektar++ 2019 Workshop held in Exeter (10-12 June).

The animation compares the results from a low- and high-order Large-Eddy Simulation of the combustor port flows geometry studied experimentally by Spencer and McGuirk [1]. The contours depict the x-component of the flow velocity in a symmetry plane. Due to strong impingement of the jets, high levels of turbulence and a wide range of flow scales is generated. Despite the fact that the two simulations incur a similar computational cost, the spectral/hp fourth polynomial order simulation (right) performed using Nektar++ resolves a broader turbulence spectrum in comparison to the second-order finite-volume pimpleFoam solver (left).

[1] A. Spencer and J. J. Mcguirk, “LDA Measurements of Feed Annulus Effects on Combustor Liner Port Flows,” J. Fluids Eng., vol. 123, no. June 2001, pp. 219–227, 2001.



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