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Souvenirs [part of the Craftsense exhibition]

posted on 25.07.2013, 11:19 by Roberta BernabeiRoberta Bernabei
Statement - ‘Souvenirs’ Roberta Bernabei Craftsense September 2012-2013. Souvenirs respond to the collections of Bilston enamel at the museum by reinterpreting the forms and techniques of patch boxes, nutmeg containers and souvenir boxes. The intention is to combine traditional techniques such as piercing, wax modelling, lost cast waxing and enamelling with 21st century techniques such as rapid prototyping and enamel transfer. The contrast of traditional and contemporary lies in the combination of a 3D printed nylon bezel with traditionally enamelled copper oval, on which imagery has been applied through enamel transfer. The colours of the nylon bezels, such as Royal blue, have been selected in accordance with the predominant colours of English enamel boxes during the late 18th century. The images used to decorate the ovals are compositions related to the use of the boxes and a Smart Code; a contemporary equivalent from our digital messaging system. Each piece of work has images that convey a message visually through drawing; along with a Smart Code that explicitly reveals the hidden idiom or saying that the drawing represents. Thus, our modern way of revealing information is comparable to the unspoken rules of the late 18th century, such as those concerning the use of beauty spots and where they were placed on the face.


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Roberta Bernabei's exhibits are part of the exhibition Craftsense, Bilston Craft Gallery, 15 August 2012 - 31 December 2013.

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