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The Silk Road: large-scale stainless steel sculpture for International Sculpture Exhibition, Fuzhou China, 2015 [video]

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posted on 2016-12-02, 09:13 authored by John AtkinJohn Atkin
This new stainless steel sculpture, The Silk Road, was commissioned as part of the cultural arm for the 1st China Youth Games. It was important that the sculpture articulated ideas relating to movement and athleticism. Although The Silk Road is not a reference to any one particular activity, its use of polished stainless steel surfaces imply a fast tracking of eye movement: sudden changes of direction: a metamorphosis of form depending on viewer positioning: flow: rhythm: balance. This sculpture also articulates notions of cadence through the use of tensioning rods that allude to musical instruments. This open competition received over 2000 applicants worldwide and 30 sculptors were selected to participate in this Steel & Stone Symposium in Fuzhou. The completed artworks formed an international exhibition to coincide with the 1st China Youth Games in Fuzhou. Thereafter, the sculptures were placed as beacons throughout this 18M populated City to celebrate the urban regeneration that was happening throughout Fuzhou.


Fuzhou Municipal Council, Fuzhou, China



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Fuzhou, China