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Cross connector (CORE)

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posted on 06.08.2020, 12:56 by Adam Price, Rob Lee, Steven ChristieSteven Christie, Andrew CapelAndrew Capel
1/4-28" (UNF) flat bottom, female threaded cross-connector core with 1.00mm channel bores and integrated inlet/ outlet O-rings.

The part is to be used as the chemically resistant channeled core of a cross-connector. The combined Core-shell structure is to be used for unifying four separate lines of tubing (three inlets into one outlet) via four feruled male threaded nuts. (see 'cross-connector (SHELL)' for shell counterpart).

Part is to be printed in Polypropylene in horizontal orientation such that all integrated O-rings are visible and facing outward. A 0.1mm layer and 100% infill is required along with a material flow rate of 110%. The part can be integrated into its PLA shell structure by loading both core and shell components into the slicing software, and positioning the core at coordinates X:0, Y:0, Z:1.5. and the shell at X:0, Y:0, Z:0 (ensure all O-rings are aligned with the shell female threads, rotate the core structure along the Z axis accordingly to achieve this). Once grouped (by selecting both parts, right click and select 'Group Models), the part should be raised 10mm above the build plate and a PLA support scaffold should be generated along with a 10mm PLA adhesion brim.


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