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Luer adapter (INSERT)

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posted on 06.08.2020 by Adam Price, Rob Lee, Steven Christie, Andrew Capel
Threaded Luer Adapter, male luer taper to female 1/4-28" (UNF) Flat Bottom female thread - threaded insert.

The part is to be used as the rigid threaded insert of a luer adapter. The combined body and threaded insert structure is to be used for coupling a line of tubing to a standard luer-lock medical/laboratory grade syringe via a feruled male nut. (see Luer adapter (body)' for adapter body counterpart).

Part is to be printed in PLA in an upright orientation. A 0.1mm layer and 100% infill is required. The part can be inserted into its PP adapter body by loading both body and insert components into the slicing software, and positioning the body at coordinates X:0, Y:0, Z:2. and the insert at X:0, Y:0, Z:0. Once grouped (by selecting both parts, right clicking and selecting 'Group Models) a PLA support scaffold should be generated to uphold the 90o central overhang, the PLA support should be printed with an infill of 100% to prevent any surface defects occurring that may lead to leakage during its use. a 10mm PLA adhesion brim should also be generated.


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