CTC : the story so far : an interim evaluation of Communities That Care

2006-11-28T09:50:32Z (GMT) by Alan France Iain Crow
This report is about the development of a programme designed to help children and young people to grow up in safer and more caring communities. It describes the origins of the programme and the early stages of its implementation in the United Kingdom. The report was written as part of what will eventually be a more thorough evaluation of that programme. It was written at a time when the areas in which the programme was being developed had analysed the problems they faced and were about to implement initiatives designed to address those problems. It therefore covers only the first stages of a process in which communities seek to reduce the risks facing children, young people and their families, and to enhance those elements that will protect them and promote their well-being. It is nonetheless important to document that process – to look at what has been done, how it has been done and what lessons can be learned from what was done.