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A thesis: being an account of work done by the author at Loughborough College of Technology during his tenure of a Research Fellowship, 1960–1963

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posted on 2019-01-31, 12:03 authored by G. Alan Creak
CHAPTER 1: The physical chemistry of solutions in molten aluminium bromide and difficulties encountered in its study. CHAPTER 2: Calculation of the energy of the hydrogen molecule-ion: a test of the relative merits of four three-component trial wave functions. CHAPTER 3: Hückel-type calculations on various conjugated compounds. CHAPTER 4: The classical approximation: a study of possible dynamic effects in the metathetical reactions of substituted methyl radicals. CHAPTER 5: The determination of the rate constant for the combination of two methyl radicals using results obtained by the method of intermittent illumination.



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A Thesis submitted in connection with a Research Fellowship at Loughborough College of Technology.