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Biographies and definitions contributed to the “Electrochemical dictionary” (edited by Allen J. Bard, György Inzelt, and Fritz Scholz).

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posted on 09.01.2008, 16:41 by Stephen Fletcher
The Electrochemical Dictionary is intended to provide authoritative definitions of terms used in electrochemistry and related fields. The Dictionary also contains biographies of people who have made significant contributions to electrochemistry. This document contains biographies of people who have made significant contributions to electrochemistry, including Boltzmann (Ludwig Eduard), Born (Max), Clark (Leland Charles), Coulomb (Charles Augustin de), Gauss (Carl Friedrich), Gray (Stephen), Gurney (Ronald Wilfrid), Henry (Joseph), Kelvin (William Thomson, Baron Kelvin of Largs), Mott, (Nevill Francis), Randles (John Edward Brough), Siemens (Ernst Werner von), Tesla (Nikola), Whewell, (William), Wilhelmy (Ludwig Ferdinand), and Wollaston (William Hyde). The document also contains definitions of some diverse terms used in electrochemistry and related fields, including Accumulation region, Adiabatic process, Band bending, Boltzmann constant, Boltzmann distribution, Capacitive deionization, Clausius-Mossotti equation, Contact angle, Coulomb force, Depletion region, Diffuse layer capacitance, DLVO theory, Electricity, Electroconvection, Electrocrystallization, Electrolysis Cell, Electron, Electron Transfer, Electron work function, Electroporation, Galvanic, Galvanoglyphy, Galvanize, Hydrated electron, Non-adiabatic (diabatic) process (quantum mechanics), Nucleation, Nucleation and growth, Nucleation overpotential, Open circuit potential, Permittivity (relative), Phase transition, Phospholipids, Polarizability (of a molecule), Polarization (of an electrode), Polarization density (of a dielectric medium), Pole, The Randles semicircle, Randles-Ershler impedance, Template synthesis, Thermodynamic temperature, Vesicles, Work (electrical).



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FLETCHER, S., 2008. IN: Bard, A. J., Inzelt, G. and Scholz, F. (eds.). Electrochemical Dictionary. Berlin : Springer


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