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Delivering sustainable transport through the planning process in Southwark

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posted on 2008-05-08, 16:24 authored by Marcus EnochMarcus Enoch, Lian Zhang
Following the explanation of the principles behind approaches designed to elicit planning gain in the main research report, the purpose of this document is to provide more in-depth coverage of the cases discussed. This report presents various types of mechanisms adopted in the UK and other countries. Chapter 2 explains three examples of beneficiary pays mechanisms while Chapter 3 looks at several types of polluter pays systems. Two other mechanisms that do not fit in the categories are presented in Chapter 4.


OPTIMUM2 Project. This project has received European Regional Development Funding through the INTERREG III B Community Initiative.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


ENOCH, M.P. and ZHANG, L., 2006. Delivering sustainable transport through the planning process in Southwark. OPTIMUM2 detailed case report, 18 May 2006. Loughborough : Loughborough University


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