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Designerly play

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posted on 2006-05-11, 10:37 authored by Ken Baynes
Design: Occasional Papers uses DESIGN as its encompassing category. In this usage, Design is to be construed as a broad field of human endeavour and enterprise, analogous in its generality and complexity to Science and the Humanities. Still at the level of generality, but now related to professional-vocational activities, Design is also to be construed as a field that includes a diverse range of distinguishable areas of professional activity (which would include architecture, communication and graphic design, industrial design, information design, interior design, aspects of engineering desig, textiles/fashion, environmental design). At this level, Design must accommodate pluralistic conceptions: there is no single Design culture. But ‘design’ is also used as a verb. Again at the high level of generality, designing may be characterised as an intentional activity: to do with bringing about change. More specifically – and as with Design when used as a tag for a field – what ‘designing’ is intended to mean relates also to the specific area in which it is used, and by whom. The field has many specialist communities, many different languages of discourse and, within and around those, different persuasions and differing voices. Design: Occasional Papers is therefore concerned with the relations between the generic and the particular. The essential reason for publishing the Series is to provide a means whereby the differing conversational communities that are related to design may become, at the least, more accessible to each other and thereby enable the reader to take part in the running argument by which knowledge and understanding develop.



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BAYNES, K., 1994. Designerly play. Design: Occasional Paper No. 2. Loughborough: Loughborough University


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