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Identifying core knowledge and skill sets for model curricula: update

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posted on 22.02.2006, 12:59 by Jenny Darzentas, Colette Nicolle, Rafael Romero, Jan Engelen, Christophe Strobbe, Carlos Velasco, Frederic Degouzon, Ger Craddock, Gerhard Weber, Kurt Weimann, Helen Petrie
This deliverable presents state of the art in curriculum development work, and compares IDCnet to it. Next it discusses the methodology followed to identify key knowledge and skill sets for Design for All. The categories of knowledge thus identified are organised into a taxonomy with examples given for each category and subcategory along with a set of learning outcomes. The purpose of the taxonomy is to structure the knowledge. As this deliverable was a ‘living’ document, and as further activities have taken place since this deliverable was first submitted, this version includes a substantially expanded chapter 5, incorporating comments from: the project review process; the new members of IDCnet; the second IDCnet workshop; as well as comments received from colleagues in response to dissemination activities at conferences. The categories and subcategories of the taxonomy remain unchanged, but further topics and examples have been added to illustrate and clarify the use and range of each category. Finally, the next steps in the IDCnet WP3 strategy are briefly described.



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