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Look at this: imagery training for technology students

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posted on 05.06.2007, 13:29 by Roy Barnes
This paper outlines a training program based on the regular practised generation and manipulation of neural images that has been used to improve the visual mental imagery (VMI) of design students. Most people can produce mental images, although there is variability in terms of the vividness, detail and control that can be achieved. Research indicates that VMI is an important feature of activities such as inventing and solving complex problems. Perceived images such as sketches or diagrams facilitate creative problem solving and therefore VMI should facilitate problem-solving within design activities. Further research has found that professional designers have varying degrees of imagery generation and manipulation that correlates with their level of expertise. Studies have found that it is possible to improve people’s ability to create mental images and others have improved the control of neural images. This research has developed strategies to concurrently improve design students’ vividness and control of their VMI. The application of the program within the Design and Technology learning environment and the influence on students’ design ability is discussed.



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