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Making things better - an industrial designer's approach to ecodesign

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posted on 06.03.2006, 12:21 by Vicky LofthouseVicky Lofthouse, Tracy Bhamra
The work presented in this paper is part of an on-going collaborative research project between Cranfield University and AB Electrolux. The overall aim of this project is to develop a ‘tool’ for industrial designers working within the Electrical/Electronic product sector to enable them to be able to undertake ecodesign more easily. Ecodesign is design that considers the holistic impact of a product’s performance from ‘cradle to grave’. It is a field of design which has grown out of a concern for the natural environment, in response to the destruction which humankind has inflicted on the planet since the Industrial Revolution. Considering the environmental impact of the products we produce during the design phase, is one of a number of approaches currently being developed in order that we might live more sustainable lives. Ecodesign is not an ‘add-on’ feature, but an aspect of good design to be integrated within the product development process (PDP) in the same way as quality, cost and safety [1-3]. It now has a growing presence on the business agenda due to the recognition of the associated benefits, such as preparation for (rather than reaction to) impending legislation and significant cost savings as a result of rethinking business approaches. It also enables companies to project a responsible corporate image.



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LOFTHOUSE, V.A. and BHAMRA, T.A., 2001. Making things better - an industrial designer's approach to ecodesign. IN: Proceedings of D3 desire, designum, design: 4th European Academy of Design Conference, Aveiro, Portugal, 10-12 April 2001.

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