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Multivariate design inclusion using HADRIAN

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posted on 2008-11-07, 15:31 authored by Russell MarshallRussell Marshall, Steve SummerskillSteve Summerskill, J. Mark Porter, Keith Case, Ruth Sims, Diane GyiDiane Gyi, Peter M. Davis
This paper details the development of our computer based design tool: HADRIAN. Developed to address the area of user accommodation within design and in particular the support for ‘design for all’, HADRIAN provides an integrated database and analysis system. The data element of HADRIAN is an attempt to simplify the understanding and use of ergonomics data by the design community in addition to encouraging empathy with the end user. Anthropometry and functional abilities were collected from 100 individuals many of whom are older or have some form of disability. In addition, behavioural data was collected from the individuals performing common tasks associated with daily living and the use of transport. The individuals in the database effectively form a virtual user group that can then be used to investigate and evaluate a concept design of a product, or environment through a task analysis feature. Further developments for the HADRIAN tool also include an inclusive journey planner that allows individual travellers, or transport planners to evaluate the inclusiveness of a particular route. Together this package of tools provides a richer, more accessible set of data for human modelling and ergonomics design, and a means to assess the inclusiveness of a product, environment, or journey.



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MARSHALL, R. ... et al, 2008. Multivariate design inclusion using HADRIAN. IN: Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Conference and Exhibition, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 17-19


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