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Ornament for 'Every Culture has its Jewellery' project

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posted on 2019-03-18, 11:38 authored by Roberta BernabeiRoberta Bernabei
Ornament for 'Every Culture has its Jewellery' project


ACG Italy and PIN Portugal



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BERNABEI, R., 2006. Ornament for 'Every Culture has its Jewellery' project.


Association of Contemporary Jewellery (ACG) and Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewellery (PIN)


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This is a photograph of a piece of jewellery situated within a major collaborative international project between Italy and Portugal, organised by AGC Association of Contemporary Jewellery Italy and PIN Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewellery in 2006. The main project is called: 4 Points of Contacts'. As the title says, this collaboration is divided in 4 projects: 1)Italian Contemporary Jewellery in Lisboa Exhibition and Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery in Rome; 2) workshops in Rome and Lisboa; 3) Conference 'The Language of Jewellery' at the Museum of Oriental Art in Rome and 4) creative and cultural exchange between jewellery designers from the two associations, under the title 'Every Culture has its Jewellery'. The idea behind the 4th project is to create long distance communication between the jewellery designers from the two different countries, exchange memories and create a piece of jewellery that responds to the cultural identity of each participant. Individual samples (images selected by participants) were sent from both Rome and Lisboa to every participant, through design research the images were interpreted by the jewellery designers and they created a new piece of jewellery. Roberta Bernabei created an ornament 'No title' to respond to the cultural memory suggested by Ana Margarida Carvalho. Her image depicted a traditional Portuguese plough. The body ornament, produced by R. Bernabei is the result of the growing of an engraved line that has gradually described and created the decoration on the linoleum.


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