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Supplementary material files: Impact of contrasting poultry exposures on human, poultry, and wastewater antibiotic resistomes in Bangladesh

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posted on 2023-10-10, 07:55 authored by Alexander William, Emily RoushamEmily Rousham, Andrew Neal, Mohammed Badrul Amin, Jon Hobman, Dov StekelDov Stekel, Mohammad Aminul Islam

Supplementary material files for 'Impact of Contrasting Poultry Exposures on Human, Poultry, and Wastewater Antibiotic Resistomes in Bangladesh'.

Using metagenomics, we investigated whether and how the faecal antibiotic resistomes of humans are influenced by exposure to intensive and non-intensively reared poultry within contrasting settings of urban wet markets (n=13) and rural households (n=7) in Bangladesh. We also considered poultry (n=10) and wastewater (n=10) resistomes in these settings.

This record contains nine files: one file containing supplementary tables S1-S1 (Williams Supplementary tables.xlsx), and eight files containing Supplementary figures from S1 to S8 (Williams Supplementary figure S1.docx, etc).


Spatial and temporal dynamics of AMR transmission from the outdoor environment to humans in urban and rural Bangladesh

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Acquisition and Selection of Antibiotic Resistance in Companion and Farmed Animals and Implications for Transmission to Humans

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