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Teachers’ experiences of teaching young people about the food industry

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posted on 05.06.2007, 13:34 by Gill Bielby
In design and technology (D&T), pupils are expected to design for manufacture in quantity, and simulate production and assembly lines (QCA, 2005). This presents a professional challenge for teachers as they seek to help young people to develop industrial knowledge and understanding. This paper discusses findings from a research project exploring the relationship between food technology (which is taught within D&T) and industry. Data was generated through semistructured interviews with teachers of food technology and a questionnaire completed by a sample of members of the Design and Technology Association (DATA). Key findings relating to teachers’ experiences of teaching young people about industry are presented. Issues include teachers’ views on the importance of keeping upto- date with technological developments, accessing teaching materials, and making contacts with industry. The support they receive and the challenges they face as they seek to give young people ‘real life’ impressions of industry are discussed.



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