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Teaching DfA core knowledge and skill sets; experience in including inclusive design

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posted on 2006-02-22, 18:23 authored by Jenny Darzentas, Colette Nicolle, Rafael Romero, Jan Engelen, Christophe Strobbe, Carlos Velasco, Yehya Mohamad, Klaus Miesenberger, Daniela Ortner, Gerhard Weber, Kurt Weimann, Ger Craddock, Boyle Brian, Helen Petrie, Frederic Degouzon, Loic Martinez, Yngve Sundblad, Fredrik Winberg, Constantine Stephanidis, Paivi Tahkokallio, Keith Gladstone
The purpose of this document is twofold. Firstly it is to present the teaching pilots that were undertaken by members of the network, and describes the pilot setting and the material taught, as related to the taxonomy of Design for All knowledge and skill sets developed in previous deliverables. Each pilot indicates topics taught and to which categories of the taxonomy they belong. Furthermore, student expectations and reactions to the DfA teaching pilots are described by means of the information gained from questionnaires. In this way the taxonomy is evaluated by the teaching pilot experiences for robustness in completeness and usefulness. The second purpose of this exercise is to highlight best practices in, and possible obstacles and other challenges to implementing and maintaining of Design for All courses and modules in a range of higher education schemes, so that education policies and strategies may be informed accordingly. Both of these objectives help to further the work on recommendations for curriculum work on Design for All, in terms of content and in terms of sustainability.



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