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The BBC’s reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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posted on 2008-02-08, 16:50 authored by John DowneyJohn Downey, David DeaconDavid Deacon, Peter Golding, Ben Oldfield, Dominic WringDominic Wring
The purpose of this report is to provide evidence in the form of a content analysis of the BBC’s reporting of what the BBC calls the ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’. The report, commissioned by the BBC’s Board of Governors, is intended to aid the Independent Panel, appointed by the BBC’s Board of Governors, to come to a judgment concerning whether the BBC’s reporting of this subject is impartial. It is informed by our experience of news media content analysis in many fields, and is designed to provide accurate and robust data on the content of BBC and other media news coverage of this conflict in a defined period.



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DOWNEY, J. ... et al., 2006. The BBC’s reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [A report] for the BBC Board of Governors, March. Loughborough : Communications Research Centre, Loughborough University.


Communications Research Centre, Loughborough University

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