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The worldwide development of design and technology in the primary school

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posted on 17.06.2008, 12:45 by Cathy Growney
In England, technology education was laid down in the National Curriculum 1990. This has since been revised twice. “The subject … helps pupils to become discriminating and informed users of products, and to contribute to their home life and the community … (it) broadens their understanding of industrial production and commercial practice.” (DfEE, 1999) In contrast, James Yen-shun Wei (1999) from Taiwan presented a paper at the Second International Primary Design and Technology Conference 1999, which emphasised the importance of cultural, social, ecological, environmental and human nature in technology education. My paper explores what prompted this movement and which countries have introduced it. It examines the differing emphases that countries place on the delivery of primary design and technology education with a view to values and the balance between cultural and industrial influences. The research is only in its initial stages and the information revealed is a snapshot of the initial literature search.



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GROWNEY, C., 2000. The worldwide development of design and technology in the primary school. IN: Kimbell, R. (ed.). Design and Technology International Millennium Conference. Wellesbourne : The D&T Association, pp. 69-72



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