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Virtual fitting trails using SAMMIE and HADRIAN

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posted on 09.06.2006, 11:14 authored by Russell MarshallRussell Marshall, J. Mark Porter, Keith CaseKeith Case, Ruth Sims, Diane GyiDiane Gyi
Fitting trials are a common technique employed in ergonomics evaluation. Fitting trials employ a panel of users carefully selected to be representative of the population at which the product, or environment, has been targeted. The panel are then used to evaluate the design against a set of criteria in order to determine a level of suitability of the design. Whilst traditionally this process has taken place with real people and full size mock-ups, increasingly the process is becoming computer supported and makes use of CAD models and human manikins in a ‘virtual’ fitting trial. The use of these technologies can clearly play a key role in supporting user-centred design, however, there are a number of shortcomings in the current technology, data, and infrastructure used for computer aided ergonomics evaluations in design. This paper will introduce HADRIAN, a computer aided ergonomics analysis tool developed at Loughborough University. HADRIAN works together with the existing system SAMMIE. The paper will focus on the novel aspects of the systems demonstrating how, together they may be employed to not only make virtual fitting trails more efficacious but also encourage empathy with the end user.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


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MARSHALL, R. ... et al, 2003. Virtual fitting trails using SAMMIE and HADRIAN. IN: Campbell and Balc (eds), Virtual engineering applications for rapid product development. EVEN Workshop held at Solid Modelling, Birmingham, 26-27th March.

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