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Web content accessibility guidelines in support of the W3C-WA1 and the WWAAC web authoring tool

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posted on 24.05.2006, 10:39 by Colette Nicolle, Doeko Hekstra
Since the preparation of internal deliverable i6a, Co-operation with W3C–WAI, a number of activities have taken place towards the development of guidelines to make web pages more accessible by end-users with complex communication needs. Activities have included attendance by B. Farre and A. Judson at telephone conferences and a meeting of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group in Venice, 1-2 July 2003, as well as providing comments to the WCAG on the Working Draft as of 24 June 2003 (See Appendix 1). This report describes the draft guidelines being discussed within and outside the WWAAC Consortium. They have been, or are being, presented to the public through a number of publications and events (for example, Poulson and Nicolle, 2002; Poulson and Nicolle, in print; Nicolle et al, to be presented 2004). These publications demonstrate how the design, development and evaluation of the WWAAC adapted Web Browser have provided insight into the guidance that is needed by developers to make the Internet simpler to access by people with complex communication needs. Feedback is thus invited to inform further refinement of these ideas before being formally presented to the World Wide Web Consortium–Web Accessibility Initiative.



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Nicolle, C.A. and Hekstra, D., Web content accessibility guidelines in support of the W3C-WA1 and the WWAAC web authoring tool (IST-2000-27518) WWAAC, AR2428 , November 2003, 10pp, World Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication


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