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posted on 2024-05-14, 13:38 authored by Jessica Noske-TurnerJessica Noske-Turner

Empowerment is a living thing because it needs that nourishment and care, like a plant, and it also needs sunlight, and it grows over time. The growth can have different facets to it – careers, personality. The flowers are the happy moments, or the number of people it impacts. Plants also grow again, even if they do die, another plant will come. Empowerment is also like a bouquet. There is not always just flowers in the bouquet, there might be some hard things in it, and putting it together is sometimes hard, so the journey is a challenging one. But ultimately it is worth taking this journey.

This object is part of the Metaphors for Un/Making CSC Collection.

Created in Bengaluru, India, 2023


Un/Making CSC: A critical engagement with Communication for Social 'Changemaking'

Arts and Humanities Research Council

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