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posted on 2024-04-19, 15:07 authored by Jessica Noske-Turner

This is the development communication approach that we use. There is the information gap. We believe that by disseminating critical messages, and by giving certain groups of people the platforms to voice out their issues, then we could achieve all the beautiful things here (the other side): that is a country where all the rights of women and children are respected, where youth development is the centre of every scenario. With the key communication interventions we can achieve it. The green landscape is the enabling environment, the three beads are the three strategic communication approaches 1) ICT based tools, e.g. Whatsapp group, web chat with the counsellor, android app and helpline services; 2) mass media, e.g. radio, 3) community media channels, e.g. theatre. All three are sitting on this green enabling environment, which is about participation. All these channels require money and the like – so the things on the bridge are the enterprises we are doing: some are big and small. Some of them may fall or fail. Under it there are risks and challenges, issues of sustainability: where will the young people be getting the data to use the ICTs? How will we survive with all the competition with other companies that are making similar products? We face policies that are not enabling, e.g. hotline costs are charged to our organisation; and there are also unknown battles, always more battles being brought to our doorstep. So we see these enterprises as are bridge to our destination.

This object is part of the Metaphors for Un/Making CSC Collection.

Created in Zomba, Malawi


Un/Making CSC: A critical engagement with Communication for Social 'Changemaking'

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