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A service ecosystem empowering textile artisans’ communities towards a sustainable future [Poster]

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posted on 2016-04-13, 10:10 authored by Francesco Mazzarella, Carolina Escobar-Tello, Val MitchellVal Mitchell
The global economic and environmental crisis is leading to the end of a linear economy based on consumption and waste, while setting the ground for cutting-edge business opportunities, inspired by new ethics of sustainability. Textile artisanship is the human-centred economic activity of giving form and meaning to local natural bres, by hands or by directly controlling mechanised and digital tools and managing the process of apparel making. Artisanship is an interesting opportunity for opening up exible and redistributed micro-factories, while bridging local realities with global markets. It is a key contributor to sustainable development as it preserves cultural heritage, provides social employment, and boosts creative economies and environmental stewardship. The aim of the research is to explore how service design can strategically drive textile artisans’ communities towards a sustainable future. This means empowering artisans’ creative assets and social bonds, co-designing collaborative services and scaling up glocal initiatives within an enabling ecosystem.



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Design PhD Conference: Better by Design


MAZZARELLA, F., ESCOBAR-TELLO, C. and MITCHELL, V., 2015. A service ecosystem empowering textile artisans’ communities towards a sustainable future. This poster was presented at 'Better By Design,' Design PhD Conference 2015, Lancaster University, 2nd-3rd July.


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