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Conceptualizing emotion in information systems development

posted on 2017-02-24, 13:48 authored by Patrick StaceyPatrick Stacey, Mike Chiasson
The purpose of this theory paper is to develop a contextual theory of appraisal that may be drawn on to understand emotional processes in IS development (ISD). In short, emotion matters to ISD because managers/professionals lack capacity in dealing with emotionality whether positively or negatively, and there are very few ISD studies that directly focus on emotion. We develop a theoretical lens by inductively examining the substance and intellectual heritage of four emotion theory streams: feeling-centered (e.g. stimulus-response), traditional cognitivist, contemporary cognitivist and socio-cultural. Our model particularly draws on process appraisal theory and extends it with derivative concepts of structuration theory. The resulting contextualized appraisal theory (CAT) constitutes our main contribution to the ISD field.



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STACEY, P. and CHIASSON, M., 2014. Conceptualizing emotion in information systems development. Lancaster University Management School, Working Paper 2014:5


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