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Null particle solutions in three-dimensional (anti-) de Sitter spaces

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posted on 2006-02-15, 11:15 authored by R.G. Cai, Jerry Griffiths
We obtain a class of exact solutions representing null particles moving in three-dimensional (anti-) de Sitter spaces by boosting the corresponding static point source solutions given by Deser and Jackiw. In de Sitter space the resulting solution describes two null particles moving on the (circular) cosmological horizon, while in anti-de Sitter space it describes a single null particle propagating from one side of the universe to the other. We also boost the Banados-Teitelboim-Zanelli black hole solution to the ultrarelativistic limit and obtain the solution for a spinning null particle moving in anti-de Sitter space. We find that the ultrarelativistic geometry of the black hole is exactly the same as that resulting from boosting the Deser-Jackiw solution when the angular momentum of the hole vanishes. A general class of solutions is also obtained which represents several null particles propagating in the Deser-Jackiw background. The differences between the three-dimensional and four-dimensional cases are also discussed.



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This is a pre-print. The definitive version: CAI, R.G. and GRIFFITHS, J.B., 1999. Null particle solutions in three-dimensional (anti-) de Sitter spaces. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 40(7), pp. 3465-3475, is available at: http://jmp.aip.org/.


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