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Scattering by a semi-infinite periodic array and the excitation of surface waves

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posted on 31.10.2006, 14:06 by Christopher LintonChristopher Linton, R. Porter, Ian Thompson
The two-dimensional problem of acoustic scattering of an incident plane wave by a semi-infinite array of either rigid or soft circular scatterers is solved. Solutions to the corresponding infinite array problems are used, together with a novel filtering approach, to enable accurate solutions to be computed efficiently. Particular attention is focussed on the determination of the amplitude of the Rayleigh–Bloch waves that can be excited along the array. In general, the far field away from the array consists of sum of a finite number of plane waves propagating in different directions (the number depending on the observation angle) and a circular wave emanating from the edge of the array. In certain resonant cases (characterised by one of the scattered plane waves propagating parallel to the array), a different far field pattern occurs, involving contributions that are neither circular waves nor plane waves. Uniform asymptotic expansions that vary continuously across all of the shadow boundaries that exist are given for both cases.



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