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Shear-free relativistic fluids and the absence of movable branch points

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posted on 2005-09-01, 16:17 authored by R.G. Halburd
The problem of determining the metric for a non-static shear-free spherically symmetric fluid (either charged or neutral) reduces to the problem of determining a one parameter family of solutions to a second-order ODE containing two arbitrary functions f and g. Choices for f and g are determined such that this ODE admits a one-parameter family of solutions that have poles as their only movable singularities. This property is strictly weaker than the Painleve property and it is used to identify classes of solvable models. It is shown that this procedure systematically generates many exact solutions including the Vaidya metric, which does not arise from the standard Painlev´e analysis of the second-order ODE. Interior solutions are matched to exterior Reissner-Nordstrøm metrics. Some solutions given in terms of second Painlev´e transcendents are described.


Royal Society (research grant number 22204)



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This pre-print has been submitted, and accepted, to the journal, Journal of Mathematical Physics [© American Institute of Physics]. The definitive version: HALBURD, R.G., 2002. Shear-free relativistic fluids and the absence of movable branch points. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 43 (4): 1966-1979, is available at: http://jmp.aip.org/jmp/.


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