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Case study on North-West Europe

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posted on 2015-10-28, 10:52 authored by Ksenia ChmutinaKsenia Chmutina, Lee Bosher, Andrew Dainty, Tim Sweijs, Jacques Mukena, Erik Frinking, Barbara Lucini, Marco Lombardi
This report constitutes Deliverable 7.2 of the FP7 Security Programme project ‘Evolving Concepts of Security’ (EvoCS, Grant Agreement 605142). This report on Work Package 7 (WP7) of the EvoCS project is chronologically the second deliverable of the work package. The purpose of this deliverable is to report on the North-West Europe (NWE) Case Study by creating a regional profile of the North-West region. Based on the analysis of the coding data of the UK, the Netherlands and France, workshop with the security experts from the NWE region and the review of the current national and EU level policies, this deliverable discusses the overall perception of security in NWE region. It demonstrates that NWE region shares a lot of similarities in security discourse. The most salient core value across the region is physical safety and security, with the most salient security challenge being terrorism and cyber-crime. It also shows the differences that appear within the region as well as between the region and the EU level discourse of security.


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Deliverable 7.2: The case study on North-West Europe


CHMUTINA, K., BOSHER, L. and DAINTY, A. ... et al., 2015. Case study on North-West Europe. EvoCS Deliverable 7.2. EvoCS Consortium, 73pp.


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