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DESURBS deliverable 2.2: tools for the assessment of security threats

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posted on 2015-06-05, 08:05 authored by Ksenia ChmutinaKsenia Chmutina, Lee Bosher
This report constitutes Deliverable 2.2 of the FP7 Security Program research project ‘Designing Safer Urban Spaces’ (DESURBS, Grant Agreement no. 261652). The purpose of this report is to highlight the examples of open access online security and resilience approaches and tools and key documents that support decision making in regard to the Integrated Security and Resilience (ISR) framework (WP2.3), the structure of which has been incorporated into all the WP2 deliverables. The report presents information on the approaches mentioned above, found during the course of an extensive literature review, and from data collection that has been undertaken in the Nottingham (UK) and Jerusalem (Israel) case study cities of the project. This deliverable demonstrates that there is a great number of tools and documents available online, however the majority of them are context-specific and can only provide partial information that can be useful in disaster risk management. It has been identified that many of the tools are multi-hazard and can be used in conjunction with international documents and guidelines. There is however a lack of open-access tools for specific hazards, in particular industrial accidents and ground movements. This is due to a high specificity of these events and a necessity to use high-tech equipment for identification of these hazards and their mitigation.


This project is co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme.



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CHMUTINA, K. and BOSHER, L., 2013. DESURBS deliverable 2.2: tools for the assessment of security threats. 25pp.


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