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DESURBS draft deliverable 2.1 (d2.1c): roles of key stakeholders

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posted on 05.06.2015, 08:10 authored by Ksenia ChmutinaKsenia Chmutina, Lee BosherLee Bosher
This report constitutes Deliverable 2.1 of the FP7 Security Program research project ‘Designing Safer Urban Spaces’ (DESURBS, Grant Agreement no. 261652). This report on Work Package (WP) 2 of the DESURBS project is chronologically the first deliverable of this work package. The purpose of the deliverable is to report on the identification of public and private sector stakeholders responsible for the management of security risks, as well as understanding of their roles and interconnectivities. Understanding in regard to the case study city of Nottingham is significant, and has enabled the initial creation and development of the ISR framework for WPs 2.3 and 2.4, the structure for which has been incorporated into this deliverable and that for WP 2.2. A field trip to Jerusalem in January 2012 has led to a significant increase in understanding regarding the case study city, and has formed a base from which further data collection will be undertaken. In addition to that, interviews conducted by Partner 8 provided significant insight into the roles of the stakeholders and allowed comparison with the UK (Nottingham) data.


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CHMUTINA, K. and BOSHER, L., 2013. DESURBS draft deliverable 2.1 (d2.1c): roles of key stakeholders. 102pp.


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