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Data specification and quality: TeleFOT deliverable D2.3.1

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posted on 2012-01-31, 11:32 authored by Ruth WelshRuth Welsh, Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris, Jussi Vasama, Mark Fowkes, Oskari Heikkenen
This deliverable reports on the activities undertaken in WP 2.3 Data Specification. The WP originally comprised of three tasks; Task 2.3.1 Data acquisition, Task 2.3.2 Quality of data and Task 2.3.3 Database structure. The tasks were designed to meet the objectives of the WP namely, to prepare and check the whole data collection, transfer and management in order to ensure that the process can be made as automatic as possible. The main purpose of this deliverable is to provide guidance firstly to those involved in the test site set up and secondly those designing the database. For the test sites, the specific data to be logged and the format that this should take is identified together with any responsibility for processing of the data. The deliverable also provides the information required for the test sites to develop a data quality procedure covering all aspects of the FOT. For the database developers, this deliverable aims to provide a high level description of the database requirements. In addition, a Data Working Group has been established within TeleFOT due to a need to oversee and co-ordinate various data activities across SP2, SP3 and SP4. Since the Data Working Group (DWG) was not a part of the original description of work, no provision had been made for reporting on the activities undertaken by the group. It was therefore decided, subject to approval in changes to the DoW, that the DWG would be reported upon within D2.3.1 and a new task established within WP2.3. The activities thus far are included in Annex 2 of this report.


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WELSH, R. ... et al., 2010. Data specification and quality: TeleFOT deliverable D2.3.1.


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