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Designing a rewards and support scheme for a repository of teaching and learning materials

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posted on 2007-02-20, 12:02 authored by Susan ManuelSusan Manuel, Charles Oppenheim
This report outlines the factors taken into consideration when designing a scheme to reward and support staff for depositing materials into a repository for teaching and learning materials at Loughborough. It details preferences for rewarding staff identified by the Rights and Rewards project survey (Bates et al., 2005) and the options considered for the scheme. These are set against the practicalities for possible institutional adoption. It is important to bear in mind that financial rewards represent a small part of the scheme and there are funding and sustainability implications to consider. Also, this is a research and development project and there may be a danger of raising expectations for the repository service that may not be met. Elements of the scheme may be phased in over time as the repository service is developed.



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This is a research report prepared as part of the JISC-funded Rights and Rewards project.


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