Designing a rewards and support scheme for use in Higher Education

2007-02-20T12:04:46Z (GMT) by Susan Manuel Charles Oppenheim
This report outlines the factors influencing the design of a scheme to reward staff within higher education institutions. It is based on the efforts of the JISC funded Rights and Rewards project to design a scheme to reward and support staff for depositing materials into a teaching resource repository at Loughborough University. The project’s experience may provide a useful starting point for others who are considering creating a similar reward mechanism. The report suggests the need to work within the framework of existing institutional systems. It highlights the role institutional context plays in the design of the scheme and the benefits to be gained by aligning with, or cutting across, any existing reward schemes. The report describes a general model for rewarding staff and illustrates this by reference to our local situation. Local factors will play a part in determining and prioritising the main considerations for success. The general model can be adapted to take into account the factors discussed here.