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Driving task-related factors

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posted on 2011-06-03, 13:30 authored by Claire L. Naing, Julian HillJulian Hill, Martin MaguireMartin Maguire, Sylvia Schick, A. Eggers, C. Pastor, Pierre Van Elslande, Katel Fouquet, A. Banos, J. Plaza, Ernst Tomasch, W. Hell
Driving task-related factors by definition are ‘directly and causally contributing to the accident occurrence, very specific and detailed, are short-term lasting or dynamic in nature, and refer to the actual conditions of the components’. The aim was to analyse specific driving task-related factors to investigate how these type of factors affect the driver undertaking their tasks within driving. A selection of driving task-related factors were chosen and analysed using two types of analysis; by a statistical method and by an in-depth methodology developed in TRACE. Typical characteristics of these accidents were identified, and for a number of factors, typical failure generating scenarios were also identified. From this, a list of possible countermeasures were defined with the aim of preventing such accidents occurring. These included driver education, in-vehicle technologies and design issues. Finally, benefits and limitations of the analysis undertaken are given, with recommendation for future work on driving task-related factors.



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NAING, C. ... et al, 2008. Driving task-related factors. Deliverable 3.4.




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