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Driving task-related factors

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posted on 03.06.2011, 13:30 by Claire L. Naing, Julian HillJulian Hill, Martin MaguireMartin Maguire, Sylvia Schick, A. Eggers, C. Pastor, Pierre Van Elslande, Katel Fouquet, A. Banos, J. Plaza, Ernst Tomasch, W. Hell
Driving task-related factors by definition are ‘directly and causally contributing to the accident occurrence, very specific and detailed, are short-term lasting or dynamic in nature, and refer to the actual conditions of the components’. The aim was to analyse specific driving task-related factors to investigate how these type of factors affect the driver undertaking their tasks within driving. A selection of driving task-related factors were chosen and analysed using two types of analysis; by a statistical method and by an in-depth methodology developed in TRACE. Typical characteristics of these accidents were identified, and for a number of factors, typical failure generating scenarios were also identified. From this, a list of possible countermeasures were defined with the aim of preventing such accidents occurring. These included driver education, in-vehicle technologies and design issues. Finally, benefits and limitations of the analysis undertaken are given, with recommendation for future work on driving task-related factors.



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NAING, C. ... et al, 2008. Driving task-related factors. Deliverable 3.4.




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