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FESTA. D2.2. Data requirements for FOT Methodology, AR2599

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posted on 2009-12-22, 16:26 authored by FESTA Consortium
This deliverable will define the requirements for data handling (quantitative and qualitative) throughout the entire “methodology chain” during an FOT: Data acquisition Data upload and quality assurance Database storage and data management Data analysis Valuable input for this work has come from international sources of FOT experience such as the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the Volpe centre, and others. Results presented here include data acquisition system (DAS) requirements. Different types of logging needs (for different purposes) will be considered, such as vehicle systems testing, real-time traffic information functions, and vehicle-toinfrastructure solutions. Experiences from state-of-the-art FOTs on DAS covered: sensors, video logging, vehicle dynamics, vehicle network logging, radar, driver behaviour, system performance, and qualitative data (interviews, questionnaires, and background information). Background information on involved concepts, as well as suggestions on how to arrive at FOT specific requirements, are provided. Aspects of OEM and systems provider co-operation and proprietary issues are handled, as well as issues with personal integrity and privacy. Further, technical information on data storage, database design, quality management procedures, and suggestions for data analysis tools is provided.



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FESTA CONSTORTIUM, 2008. FESTA. D2.2. Data requirements for FOT Methodology, AR2599.




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