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FESTA. D2.6: Socio-economic impact assessment for driver assistance systems

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posted on 23.04.2010, 15:21 authored by FESTA Consortium
This deliverable provides further advice on the methodology for socio-economic assessment of ICT based systems, within the Field Operational Tests (FOTs) being part-funded by the European Commission. It can be treated as a supplement to Chapter 9 of the FESTA Handbook. Use of a consistent methodology in the FOTs will maximise the comparability of the results across regions, ICT systems and individual FOTs. The goal of this deliverable is therefore to provide concise advice on how to carry out a socio-economic impact assessment, addressing issues likely to arise and giving references to more detailed guidance elsewhere, plus examples of good practice in existing (web) documents. Topics covered by this document include: • the assessment framework; • the approach to specific stakeholders as part of the wider picture; • scope of the assessment - which impacts should be included; • analysis methods for specific impacts; • financial analysis; • data needs. Data will be one of the keys to success for the FOTs. This deliverable provides advice on which data will need to be collected during the FOT itself, i.e. 'FOT-specific data' (with implications for the design of FOTs), as well as generic data needed to carry out a socio-economic assessment. The latter include values for accident and casualty reduction. This advice will be useful for: clients commissioning FOTs; consortia drawing up proposals for FOTs; and organisations carrying-out FOTs. It is assumed that a specialist in the area of socioeconomic impact assessment will carry out the analysis - so a full "tutorial" on socio-economic assessment is neither feasible nor necessary in this deliverable. We will refer to this specialist as the “analyst”. The advice was prepared by a group of European experts in the area of stand-alone and cooperative vehicle ICT systems and socio-economic impact assessment. Their experience was enriched by a literature review of over twenty state-of-the-art sources, covering methodologies and applications in studies and FOTs from Europe, Australia and the United States. Taking into account the findings of those studies and the experience of the team, an assessment methodology was specified: cost-benefit analysis (CBA) was chosen as the overall framework for assessment.



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FESTA CONSORTIUM, 2008. FESTA. D2.6: Socio-economic impact assessment for driver assistance systems.




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