Interim report on Pod test scenarios & performance requirements - D4.1.3 Capri- Loughborough University

This report represents the interim portion of the larger ‘pod test scenarios and performance requirements’ report, D4.1.4. In effect this document provides a stepping stone between the commencement of the Capri project and the final pod test scenario report. Due to the interim nature of the report it does not provide a complete manual of pod test scenarios and performance outcomes, instead this document provides an extensive examination of the existing knowledge base to bring the Capri project closer to the state of the art. In the world of autonomous vehicle development technologies, techniques move very quickly and it is necessary to look at the entire ecosystem before defining how the Capri project will move forwards with the task of scenarios and performance requirements. This report does however begin to form a complete framework for pod vehicle testing. It will be discussed in more detail in the body of the report, but it is worth noting that the science of autonomous vehicle verification and validation can sometimes run before it can walk, always looking at the most difficult challenges and tackling the big questions. This document takes a retrospective look at the complete testing ecosystem; going beyond the specifics of test scenarios to illustrate an overall framework where physical and simulation testing scenarios fit into the wider ecosystem of pod validation and verification (V&V). This report is also necessarily incomplete. In fact, considering the rate of development of autonomous vehicles and the required testing it is almost impossible to cover every technological breakthrough. It is anticipated that this will continued to be updated as the technology and best practices move forward.