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Mapping of existing residential sector energy efficiency policies and guidelines in Uttarakhand

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posted on 09.09.2021, 08:53 authored by Jaydeep BhadraJaydeep Bhadra, Tarun Garg, Aafsha Kansal
This report presents an analysis of the overall policy framework that drives the residential sector’s development in urban India, particularly in Uttarakhand. This document is part of the larger National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) project, which aims to achieve climate-responsive and low-carbon development in colder climates through low-cost and sustainable interventions. The national laws, policies, and regulations supporting urban governance have been reviewed in terms of housing and energy efficiency. The report primarily focuses on the corresponding state-level framework for Uttarakhand. A detailed review of the policy landscape at the state level for Uttarakhand has been conducted to identify entry points for mainstreaming climate change adaption and mitigation into urban development. The report identifies the following opportunities to achieve energy efficiency and thermal comfort in the urban residential sector in Uttarakhand.


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